Street Paintings

photo of downtown city park photo of subway terminal photo of woman on a bus photo of old couple at park photo of people at train station entrance photo of people walking on city street photo of bus on city street photo of skyscrapers painting photo of people crossing busy downtown street photo of young people talking on smartphones photo of restuarant workers on break photo of people at the park photo of people at mini mart painting image of bars and night clubs photo of people at farmers market painting photo of yuppies and homeless people painting photo of people and construction painting photo of people at downtown art walk painting photo of people walking across street painting photo of tent city people under bridge image of coruption in urban society image of people walking past a homeless man image of downtown city street image of teenage boys playing basketball image of people going to church image of diner waitress taking an order image of elderly couple sitting on park bench image of The Night Life image of The Barber Shop image of people in a bar

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Painting was sold.